Women of WisdomWOMEN OF WISDOM Interdenominational Fellowship in Christ is a spirit-lifting, faith-renewing, life-inspiring program for women of all ages and backgrounds. WOW at ALC has been “Growing Women in Christ…for 18 years.”



Standing on the Promises of God 
The Heart of God
Additional Notes for Handout 

  • Fall 2020 Session: Sept. 16 – Nov. 4 (New dates and times) 
  • Winter 2020 Session: Jan. 6 -- Feb. 24
  • Spring 2021 Session: Apr. 7 -- May 26

Wednesday Mornings: 8:15 - 11:15 AM
* Dates subject to change.

Contact Person: Lynda Kieckhefer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Video Links
WOW Winter Session 1
WOW Winter Session 2
WOW Winter Session 3
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Video Links
WOW Fall Session 1
WOW Fall Session 2
WOW Fall Session 3
WOW Fall Session 4
WOW Fall Session 5
WOW Fall Session 6
WOW Fall Session 7
WOW Fall Session 8


Date Speaker Listen / Link
February-24-2021 Class 8 - Nancy Morgan Class 8 - Nancy Morgan
February-17-2021 Class 7 - Nancy Morgan Class 7 - Nancy Morgan
February-10-2021 Class 6 - Nancy Morgan Class 6 - Nancy Morgan
February-03-2021 Class 5 - Nancy Morgan Class 5 - Nancy Morgan
January-27-2021 Class 4 - Nancy Morgan Class 4 - Nancy Morgan
January-20-2021 Class 3 - Nancy Morgan Class 3 - Nancy Morgan
January-13-2021 Class 2 - Nancy Morgan Class 2 - Nancy Morgan
January-06-2021 Class 1 - Nancy Morgan Class 1 - Nancy Morgan
November-04-2020 Connie Ellis Connie Ellis
October-28-2020 Connie Ellis Connie Ellis
October-21-2020 Connie Ellis Connie Ellis
October-14-2020 Connie Ellis Connie Ellis
October-07-2020 Connie Ellis Connie Ellis
September-30-2020 Connie Ellis Connie Ellis
September-23-2020 Connie Ellis Connie Ellis
September-16-2020 Connie Ellis Connie Ellis
February-26-2020 Rhonda Trammel Rhonda Trammel
February-26-2020 Rhonda Trammel Rhonda Trammel
February-26-2020 Rhonda Trammel Rhonda Trammel
February-19-2020 Rhonda Trammel Rhonda Trammel
February-19-2020 Rhonda Trammel Rhonda Trammel
February-12-2020 Rhonda Trammel Rhonda Trammel
February-05-2020 Rhonda Trammel Rhonda Trammel
January-29-2020 Rhonda Trammel Rhonda Trammel
January-22-2020 Rhonda Trammel Rhonda Trammel
January-15-2020 Rhonda Trammel Rhonda Trammel
January-08-2020 Rhonda Trammel Rhonda Trammel
October-30-2019 Robyn Coffman Robyn Coffman
October-23-2019 Robyn Coffman Robyn Coffman
October-16-2019 Robyn Coffman Robyn Coffman